What is Impact Investing?

When the social impact of an investment is intentionally measured alongside the financial return.

We evaluate projects not only based on their financial viability but also based on the impact they can have to create safe and affordable housing, grow small businesses, increase access to community facilities for the arts, education, and other social services, and to support sustainable living through green energy. The projects we invest in are often overlooked by large, traditional banks because they do not meet rigid financing requirements. In many cases, these projects just need creative financing and a lot of patience to make the deal work. That is where City First Enterprises (CFE) comes in.



  • Construct new or rehabilitate existing property


  • Short term financing to cover gaps in acquisition or construction with a clear repayment in sight


  • Purchase vacant land, multifamily buildings, commercial buildings for residential or owner occupied commercial space


  • Pre-acquisition covering design, permitting, third party reports, and other pre-construction costs

Small Business Equipment Loan

  • Small business financing for equipment or inventory

Earnest Money Deposit

  • Support for TOPA related activities

Impact Investment Form Pre-Application

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